Summer school


Summer school

From nature to bedside - How to discover novel bioactive compounds in algae and develop functional food and pharmaceuticals


14th – 27th July 2024


CCMAR, University of Algarve, Faro, Portugal

For whom:

PhD students and early post-docs

About the course

The summer school will address the necessity to look into sustainable and unexplored natural sources to find novel bio-active molecules for functional food and disease treatment. Using the example of algae and IBD the course will explore the diverse aspects of compound discovery and product development:

  • The potential of macroalgae, microalgae and cyanobacteria and how to best cultivate them
  • Increasing compound extraction to an industrial scale
  • Compound identification and characterisation
  • Bioactivity and clinical testing
  • Algae-based culinary experience
  • Paving the way to a career in the algae industry

Participants will also get a behind the scenes peak into a microalgae production company, animal testing facilities and the chance to network in the sunny South of Portugal.

Details about the agenda, application and costs will be announced early next year.


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